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Created 2019-08-14
Owner yuandanzou
Title wow classic gold killing any defias
Description Sharding was the worst thing about the demo. Because your HP was already low from the original fighting, you could be wow classic gold killing any defias, then poof they vanish before you can loot them , and suddenly you're surrounded by fresh ones onto a new shard that aggro for you and kill you. I spent another day killing a tough rare and it pulled at me into a new stage when it was at 2% health. I really don't want them to use sharding for the month at the zones, however if they start using it beyond that in Classic, then I will not play WoW Classic. A server could be a enjoyable experience. It won't work if they won't make it totally free for everyone. They already lost countless subs and keep losing more and more every day, and vast majority of those who pays and plays won't have enough time for two separate games. The only way to find blood would be to wow classic gold ensure it is free so newcomers then get curious and would get a taste of what's going on here and possibly buy sub to see current content. In terms of oldfags like me - I won't cover this (I dropped WoW Classic later Cata), I would rather keep coming to my personal server account once a week or two once I want that you nostalgia tear out of my eye.
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