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Created 2019-07-15
Owner gjsohcat
Title Washed wheel sand production equipment for sale
Description Wheel stone is a hard, wear resistant, stable chemical properties of non metallic minerals, the Mohs hardness is 7. Wheel sand is wheel stone processing to the fineness of 120 mesh within the products, color is white, or colorless translucent. Industrial General wheel sand is often divided into: ordinary wheel sand, refined wheel sand, high purity silica sand, fused silica sand and silica powder. Wheel is one of the most widely distributed mineral surface of the earth, its use is quite extensive. The following for you to introduce the processing technology of a wheel. Washing process of wheel sand production: firstly, large pieces of wheel stone materials by vibrating feeder evenly, continuously fed into the jaw of rough crusher; coarse crushed wheel stone is feed to cone crusher, crushing in; then after fine crushing wheel sand washing machine for delivery to the sand, plastic; Then using the vibration sieve treated wheel sand sieving, sorting out a variety of different specifications, consistent with the requirements of particle size is conveyed to the sand washing machine cleaning, do not meet the requirements of particle size is returned to the sand washing machine with a layer of the re processing.In the finishing production line, usually used to connect various devices of belt conveyor.
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