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Created 2019-07-13
Owner gjsohcat
Title the development of barite mineral
Description The development of barite mines is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the large-scale mining of barite mineral is more serious to the damage of the surface environment and vegetation, and it is easy to cause environmental consequences such as soil erosion and dust. At the same time, in the process of processing, the formation of wastewater, waste gas, dust, etc. also caused serious damage to the environment. On the other hand, the development of barite mineral meets the needs of the national economy and people's daily life, and plays an important role in the country's economic development and social life. In this regard, we need to properly handle the relationship between development and protection through advanced technology and production technology, and maximize the realization of barite mineral development. At present, some advanced mining and mineral processing technologies, as well as new types of crusher and other mining machinery and equipment are very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, able to meet the demand while minimizing the waste of the environment and pollution and resources. Therefore, barite mining enterprises should adopt advanced technology as much as possible in the development process, and choose new crushers and other equipment.
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