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Category Hardware
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Created 2019-05-09
Owner yuandanzou
Title The highlights include the fortnite traps
Description So yeah, this will really shake up the buy Fortnite Items game because this Thanos-style thing isn't merely its own LTM, it's in the typical modes, so that's a major thing. I do wonder if this opens the door to other swords which aren't superweapons, but only ones you'll be able to enhance your stock for close encounters, but we'll see. And speaking of intimate encounters... The LTM is back with jetpacks and shotguns only. At the manner, airplanes were for a short moment but people have been disabled by Epic. Stats are enabled for the mode and the storm moves faster than usual. Enjoy. Epic has included Creative Mode within this update and a whole lot of stuff, too much to list here in full so you'll probably only need to read the patch notes breakdown. The highlights include the fortnite traps addition of a new island which contains a zone that's precisely the size of this Block so you can design something to specifically fit in that spot as you try to get Epic to pick your creation.There are now currently Featured Islands which will feature Community Creations with maps that may be played with creator-made rules. That's an interesting concept.
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