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Created 2019-04-20
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Title What about Dior patent leather bag dyeing? Dior patent leather bag is dyed correctly
About me The Dior patent leather bag looks elegant and elegant, and it is a favorite among girls, but if the patent leather bag is dyed, what should I do? How to remove the patent leather bag? Let's follow the small series to learn a few tricks to clean the door after Dior patent leather bag dyeing. In fact, the bag maintenance is super practical and simple!
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About the partner What should I do if the Fake New Dior Leather Bag is dyed? Dior patent leather bag is dyed correctly

What should I do if the Dior patent leather bag is dyed? This problem should be prevented when buying a popular bag. To ensure that the materials are not mixed with different colors, try to store them at low temperature; the finished products should be stacked in a sorted form after packaging, and there will be no big problem if the temperature is slightly higher. Generally, if two meet one, there will be no problem, instead of waiting for the Dior patent bag to be dyed after the pollution has occurred. If necessary, wash it with white vinegar or toothpaste. I have tried it many times.

Dior patent leather is divided into two kinds, one is to spray a layer of brightener on the leather surface. This kind of Replica Cheap Dior Handbag should not be wiped with a damp cloth. If you encounter stains, you can use a cloth slightly dampened with water to wipe the stains. Until the stain disappears, this is because the wet cloth can be wiped off with repeated wiping of the wet cloth, and even the leather under the brightener is damp and hardened, not only the bag brilliance will slowly dim, even the shoulder bag itself will slowly It becomes stiff and there is a danger of cracks in the leather surface. The small patent leather bag made of PVC film is relatively strong, that is, it will not fade when it is wiped with a damp cloth, but don't think that such a cute bag can be cleaned directly with a damp cloth. After all, the bag is still leather. Inadvertently causing water to penetrate into the shoe will still cause damage to the Replica Luxury Handbag, so after quickly wiping the surface with a damp cloth, immediately dry the surface of the bag with a dry soft cloth. After cleaning, the patent leather tassel bag can be dried in a ventilated place.

What about the patent leather bag dyeing? The correct method of dyeing the patent leather bag

What about Dior patent leather bag dyeing? Dior patent leather bag is dyed correctly

Tips and precautions to prevent Dior patent leather bag dyeing

1. When not in use, it is best to keep it in the cotton cloth. Do not put it in a plastic bag. Because the air inside the plastic bag does not circulate, the leather will be too dry and damaged. It is best to put some soft toilet paper inside the bag to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable bag, the old pillowcase is also very suitable.

2. Keep dry and store in a cool, ventilated place.

3, avoid exposure, fire roasting, washing, sharp objects and contact with chemical solvents.

4, handbags without any waterproof treatment procedures, wet the handbag, please use a soft cloth to dry, to prevent the presence of stains or watermarks to wrinkle the surface.

 5. Care should be taken to protect all metal fittings. Oxidation can occur in humid and salty environments. I hope the above method can solve the confusion of how to dye the patent leather bag.

Simple and practical, but it solves the big troubles, romantic autumn, the patent leather bag is definitely an elegant item you can't miss, bring it to feel the warmth of autumn!

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