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Created 2019-04-03
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Title Counting why Hermes is so expensive
About me All Hermes products are made of the finest high-grade materials, loyal to traditional craftsmanship, intricate details, and won good reputation with excellent quality. In terms of bags, Hermes bags have leather, sheepskin, precious crocodile skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, etc., and it takes 4 crocodile skins to make one of the world's most expensive Replica Hermes Birkin Crocodile Bags.
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About the partner But the leather itself is also good or bad. The best leather suppliers in the world will give the first round of leather priority to Hermes, and then they will turn to other brands. Hermès has devoted a lot of enthusiasm to leather and a variety of demanding choices, which is one of the most important factors in achieving Hermès.

In addition, since the entire production process is done manually, the entire manufacturing plant can only make 15 Hermès packages a month. The chains used for carrying on the bags are all hand-welded, which shows the ingenuity of Hermes.

In short, Hermes has been pursuing perfection, pursuing classic design, and constantly innovating with the times, so it can always be based on the peak of the clothing brand, and become a symbol of luxury, conservative and noble.

Hermès's entire brand, from the whole to the details, to its specialty stores, is filled with the rich heritage of the horse culture.

When the gunshots of the Second World War started, the white-packed paper stock of pigskins was quickly used up. Since all the substances were distributed according to the quota at the time, Hermès could not ask for the release of the order for the wrapping paper, and the manufacturer only had the orange-red cardboard that was not popular at the time, so it had to be replaced with orange-red packaging.

However, after Hermès chose orange color as the color of the package, I did not expect that there would be no bad feelings, but instead I got a consistent praise, and this orange color also coincides with the color of the Hermes horse leather, so After the war, in order to commemorate the era of resource shortage, Hermes replaced all the packaging colors of the products with orange.

Today, Hermes has a total of 178 orange and red boxes of different models and sizes. Hermès Orange has also become a classic color that always stands at the top, blending into the DNA of Hermès brand.

Having said the story of Hermès, let's take a look at the actual, look at Hermès's original product bag. Although the era of brilliant horses has been declining, Hermes's bags have inherited the exquisiteness of the harness and reached the peak of the world's luxury goods.

1) Birkin
Birkin was originally designed for the famous French singer Jane Birkin哒, the Chinese name is platinum bag, the contour is relatively square, the double handle, a platinum package takes an average of 48 hours to complete.

The overall shape and details of Birkin Bags are both simple and classic, and there is a sense of sportiness that can be opened, practical and comfortable. Because it was originally designed for travel purposes, it is equipped with a lock and key.

2) Kelly
Kelly Chinese name is Replica New Kelly Bag, the outline is a little trapezoidal, the whole is like a small box, single handle, can not be as open as the platinum bag, the capacity is relatively small. The Kelly bag takes a craftsman to make it in 18-24 hours. It is more elegant and feminine, and more formal. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

The name of the Kelly bag comes from the then Princess of Monaco, the famous Hollywood actress GraceKelly. In 1956, GraceKelly attended an event during her pregnancy. In the face of the passionate media, she couldn't help but keep her Hermes bag in front of her body to cover the small belly that was raised by pregnancy.

Kelly bags come in a variety of models, including 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, and mini size specifications, up to 33 kinds of materials, more than 209 colors, it can be said that the entire Kelly bag family is very large.

3) Constance
Constance Chinese name is Fake Hermes Constance Bag, which is a delicate little bag, which is very cute. This bag was born in 1969 and is named after the designer's child. Making a Constance bag requires a craftsman to spend 16 hours to complete, combining nearly 50 parts to make a complete bag, all colors and sizes are beautiful ~

And the Constance package is probably the hardest bag for Hermès, and harder than Kelly and Birkin. It's not because it's expensive, but because the quantity is too small. It is said that in some stores, there are only five in a year. It's no wonder that the star bloggers like it so much.

Hermès implements a high-level membership system and this member information store does not share. In other words, you must buy enough other things at one of Hermès stores.

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