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Created 2017-10-17
Owner buzai232
Title First bikes are shared, now umbrellas are
Description First bikes are shared, now umbrellas are It is a common sight to see people huddled at Metro exits trying to avoid being drenched during downpours.Now help is at hand — as the city's emerging umbrella sharing service gets under way.From August 5, umbrella sharing boxes started to appear in stations along Metro Line 2, such as Zhongshan Park, Weining Road and Songhong Road.To obtain a shared umbrella, download the application to register. Click “borrow umbrella” button and scan a QR code on the app to unlock an umbrella from the box. The app is also used to return the umbrella. Boxes hold up to 48 umbrellas and "smart boxes" can also dry soaking umbrellas. The Shanghai-based service provider, Mosun, added that its staff will replace broken umbrellas and place new ones in boxes everyday. Mosun added umbrella sharing boxes are installed at nearly all stations along Line 2. By the end of this year, the company is expected to have more than 50,000 shared umbrellas in some 1,000 boxes covering all Metro stations in the city. The company expects to expand the service into office buildings and major shopping malls. For local residents, umbrella sharing is an idea whose time has come. "I usually bring an umbrella myself, but I think this would be really useful when you get caught by a sudden shower," said one passenger, Kay Luan. "Particularly in summer." In the sharing box sited by Exit 3 of East Nanjing Road Station, the Shanghai Daily found six out of 48 umbrellas had been borrowed. However, probably due to a bad internet connection in Metro station, the scanning didn't work when one passenger tried to unlock an umbrella. The share an umbrella concept has been tried before. The city's Metro operator launched a public umbrella service in 2008, when passengers could borrow an umbrella after registering with the station’s service center. But the project was discontinued due to umbrellas not being returned.
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