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Created 2017-09-13
Owner buzai232
Title FIFA 17 Hidden Position Sweeper Trick
Description In fifa ultimate team coins, the Sweeper trick is currently circulating. What is the impact of this defensive formation? How does the Sweeper work in FIFA 17 games? The Sweeper defense comes back. In recent days, a new trick in the media has caused a stir, which can revolutionize the FIFA game and lead to much more victories. In fact, the Sweeper trick is an "old" trick that is neither revolutionary nor leads to losing a game. Especially since the video of GemsGS appeared in October 2016:The secret behind the sweeper lies in the settings of your formation. You can change your internal defenders, so they can clear all attackers directly. Set the position "Libero" (Sweeper) for the players. You can do this with the Rectangle or X button using the "Adjust Position" function. The correct abbreviation for the Sweeper is LIB or SW, if you should play in English. Your Libero will now be behind your own defense chain and try to capture as many passports as possible. The trick is that you can now be heavier with long passports and can not get into dangerous running duels. In this way, you get an inner defender, who is behind the defense chain in the match, preventing you from playing with a long ball or escaping a fast forward. Once you've got used to the Sweeper, he'll cover you perfectly. However, try to get on the formation knot before daring in duels with friends.Click to Buy
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