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Created 2017-09-13
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Title Carrefour online store+Carrefour easy store: new channel of Carrefour
Description Carrefour launchs its carrefour shanghai online shopping in Shanghai in mid June, with an aim to bring Carrefour products closer to customers.
French retailer Carrefour is embracing advanced technology to bring shoppers closer to its services in the fast-changing retail landscape.
In June, the company launched its second Easy Carrefour store in Xuhui District. It’s a new initiative to cater to changing consumer habits and demand for neighborhood services in locations near residential or commercial areas.
By the end of this year, Carrefour plans to open about 10 Easy Carrefour stores in Shanghai, Olivier Tollet, new format projects director of Carrefour China, told Shanghai Daily.
“We have a much bigger plan but currently we’re still in the pilot phase,” he said. Regarding its e-commerce operations, Carrefour also launched its online shopping store for its Shanghai customers in mid June and Tollet said he is pleased to see it working smoothly during the trial period.The basic idea of our website is to bring Carrefour products closer to consumers and all the products will be available for online shoppers,” he said.
“Our intention is to duplicate the service wherever there’s a Carrefour presence in China, but we’ll go step by step for both formats,” he added.Easy Carrefour is offering products in three categories — immediate consumption, take-away, and groceries.
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